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I apologize for the erratic schedule of comic posts lately. Life is getting in the way, specifically an 18 month old munchkin who consumes my time in a manner similar to Galactus’ all consuming hungry of fictional worlds.

Fan Expo was awesome and the boys of Big Sexy Comics, who I was lucky enough to share table space with, were extremely welcoming! And the moniker suits them; I must say those boys are some sexy beasts. So thank you Andre, Adam and Fred for letting me take space from your well oiled operation.

The boys masterfully pimped Teuton, an epic fantasy based around the Lithuanian Crusades, all weekend. Having recently read the book I can say it is a thing of sword and sorcery beauty. Adam Gorham has an astounding ability to convey the myriad of emotional states experienced by the characters stemming from the finally woven scripting of Fred Kennedy. The battle scenes were fierce and bloody, the dark mood of the book enhanced by Adam’s use of heavy inks. I’ve read a few books that play around with a God of Death but for Fred that isn’t enough. Teuton lays witness to a triumvirate of Death Gods; Pestilence, War and, what I guess to be, the Godfather of Death himself. You can read a lot of it online here which I fully recommend but if you have the opportunity to pick up the first of three volumes at a Toronto con or the Silver Snail do it.

Brian Evinou gave me a sneak peak at his layouts and pages for the upcoming Western/Horror anthology I’m assembling with the contributions of many others creators. You can take a look at his pages here. Based on the conversations I had with Sam Agro, Mike Gagnon and Fred this book is coming together very nicely.

Marvin Law showed me the remaining thumbs for a short I’m super stoked to be collaborating on with him called Kronk the Neanderthal.

And too all the fans who stopped by the table to pick up copies of FUBAR or The Book of Methuselah thank you very much.

Next week I’ll share my thoughts on the New DC 52.

↓ Transcript
Panel 3
Switch back to the computer. Lines lead towards the monitor, suggesting that we are being drawn into the screen. Matthew is at its center. He’s begun to chant, his arms are raised.

Matthew (Using an Arcane Font I’ll create the chant for the upcoming panels.):

Panel 4
The view shifts to Connor. He’s staring start at us, the light from the monitor casts his features in an eerie light. His eyes are glazed, he’s hypnotized. Sam has his hand on Connor’s shoulder and he’s shaking him.

Sam: Turn it off.
Sam: Connor, I said turn it off.

Page 5 –Three widescreen panels
Panel 1
Matthew is walking around the front of the altar chanting. The image is distorted, almost like vertigo or a distorted spiral.

Panel 2
Close up shot of the face of the leering demon. It no longer looks to be made of stone, it’s come alive, animate, it’s features have become harsher, more hideous if possible.

September 12th, 2011